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A St Patricks Day snack board

Written by Alexandra Liddy


Posted on March 13 2020

We love a good snack board, and for St Patricks Day we can't think of anything better than a fresh and healthy green platter! 

Of course the best thing about a snack board is you can put whatever you like (or whatever's in your kitchen) on it, but if you're after some ideas for a St Patricks themed platter, here are some of our favorite ideas.

Green is good

One way to make your board undeniably Irish is to feature only (or mostly) green foods.

On our board we've chosen grapes, capsicum/pepper, cucumber, avocado, green apple, Irish cheddar, pesto and crackers.  Other options to try include beans, olives, kiwi, rocket/arugula, pears and sugar snap peas. 

If you're not so fussed on the health aspect of your board, you can also go crazy with green-hued candy such as gummy bears and skittles.

snack board st patricks day

Taste the rainbow

Another fun way to combine food and color is to create a rainbow effect, perfect for a St Patricks Day theme. Select a range of your favorite nibbles (bright colored is the best way to go here) and arrange them according to color. 


st patricks day rainbow board charcuterie

(image by @thedelicious / Instagram)

Irish delights

Not crazy about color? You can create a beautiful board using a variety of traditionally Irish treats such as Irish cheeses and charcuterie teamed with rye bread.

Pair your board with a Guinness, or if beer isn't your thing you can try our fresh and zesty St Patricks Day cocktail.

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