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How to make your best ever smoothie bowl

Written by Alexandra Liddy


Posted on February 28 2020

Smoothie bowls are all over insta and it's no wonder - they're healthy, they're delicious and they're also a feast for the eyes (just head over to @smoothiebowls if you don't believe us).  

But if you're never quite sure what to put in them (or what to leave out) the good news is, its completely up to you.

smoothie bowls

(smoothie bowls featured on @smoothiebowls instagram)

Generally you should start with some kind of liquid base, this will help bind all your other ingredients together and give your bowl a smoothie-like consistency.  You can use water, coconut water or a milk - we like to use unsweetened almond milk for a little added protein and a good hit of vitamin c.

For an added health kick, add some leafy greens such a spinach or kale to your liquid base.  You could also add some protein powder as well, this is a great way to ensure your bowl keeps you feeling full for longer.

smoothie bowl how to ideas recipe

Blend this together, then you can add some frozen fruit if desired - this will help thicken your smoothie and give it that cool, creamy texture. 

We often use frozen bananas or berries here but really almost any frozen fruit will work - peaches, melons, mangoes and pears are all great options.

If you don't have any frozen fruit handy, just make sure to thrown in some ice cubes to keep your smoothie bowl nicely chilled.

To thicken up your smoothie bowl at this stage, you can add more banana or even some avocado.

smoothie bowl recipe

Toppings will help add additional health benefits to your bowl, and will look great as well.  You can use whatever takes your fancy, we tend to stick to those listed below. 

Depending on which toppings you choose, they can provide added fibre, protein, vitamins and texture to your bowl.


  • Seeds - chia and flax seeds are great for fibre
  • Nuts (whole or sliced e.g. slivered almonds)
  • Fresh fruit
  • Granola / Muesli
  • Toasted coconut flakes
  • Nut butter
  • Chocolate shavings / cacao nibs

Then all that's left to do is dig in and enjoy your tasty creation (after getting an insta-worthy shot first, of course!)



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