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Storage solutions your home will love

Written by Ciroa Home


Posted on March 17 2021

Over the past few months we've introduced a few new additions to our storage range that your home will love - whatever your style.

Our stunning Horizon range features an earthy, organic shape with hand-painted brushstrokes across the base which will be ideal in a modern, contemporary home.

ciroa horizon kitchen storage jars

The Tria range features a geometric design embossed along the sides of the canisters which gives it a very modern look; but in classic white it will suit a wide range of decor - from scandi to farmhouse.

ciroa tria white ceramic kitchen storage jars

Our marble look storage canisters and crock are ideal for a feminine, glamorous kitchen...but in soft shades of gray they will also work in a monochrome, more masculine setting.

ciroa marble kitchen food storage jars with lids

Aside from looking great, these storage canisters are so handy - with airtight silicone seals of course they're ideal for storing food such as rice, pasta, cookies, coffee, tea, flour, sugar, spices, snacks and more...but they also make a beautiful storage solution for things you might not eat - like pet food & treats, or small stationery items.

They're also useful in the bathroom, and can be used to store items such as q-tips, cotton balls, feminine products, soaps, medications and more.

With flat lids, they're easy to stack to take up less room in your cupboard or pantry, but we think they're pretty enough to have on display right on your bench top or vanity.

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