Our storage jars (or canisters) and crocks are functional and stylish.  Too beautiful to be hidden away, they add character and style to your kitchen bench.  Made from different ceramic materials enhanced with a variety of finishes from embossed white or colour glazes, to hand painted brushstrokes and marble look ceramic material - the choice is endless.
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Storage Jar - Horizon Small
Storage Jar - Horizon Medium
Storage Jar - Horizon Large
Storage Jar - White Tria Small
Storage Jar - White Tria Medium
Storage Jar - White Tria Large
Storage Jar - Marble Look Small
Storage Jar - Marble Look Medium
Storage Jar - Marble Look Large
Storage Jar - Skyline Small
Storage Jar - Skyline Medium
Storage Jar - Skyline Large
Storage Jar - White Star Small
Storage Jar - White Star Medium
Honey Pot - Bear
Honey Pot - Bear Gold Polka Dot
Honey Pot - Hive
Honey Pot - Honeycomb
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Storage Jar - Wood Grain Large
Storage Jar - Wood Grain Medium
Storage Jar - Wood Grain Small
Utensil Crock - Fleur
Utensil Crock - Horizon
Utensil Crock - Marbled
Utensil Crock - Skyline
Utensil Crock - Wood Grain